Test Center

Dachuanshiye's battery laboratory is currently equipped with domestic leading testing equipment and instruments, and provides UN38.3 certification, IEC62133 certification, GB31241 testing, and battery MSDS report compilation for various battery products according to the relevant standards of major countries and regions such as the European Union and North America. And other services to ensure that battery products meet the requirements of safety, performance, storage, transportation, chemical and electromagnetic compatibility, etc., is a reliable partner of the battery industry.

Service area:

1. Lithium battery: rechargeable battery, disposable lithium ion, polymer lithium battery
2. Nickel battery: NiMH/NiCd battery
3. Alkaline or carbon primary batteries: various types of primary batteries
4. Other types of batteries: lead-acid batteries/power batteries


Battery prick test


Battery squeeze test


Battery drop test


Battery vibration test


Battery high temperature test


Battery pack cycle test


High voltage and high current test cabinet


Cell cycle life test

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