Dachuanshiye's Mission

Lead the progress of business and create a better life!
This is the significance and motivation of Dachuanshiye as a commercial organization, and it is also the responsibility and obligation that Dachuanshiye must undertake. It connect the enterprise mission with business progress and social development closely.It expresses the value orientation of Dachuanshiye for enterprise development in promoting the civilization and progress of the whole society, and reflects the lofty pursuit of Dachuanshiye.
Commercial progress is an important driving force to promote national prosperity and social development, and a better life is people's ardent longing.
Looking forward to the future, Dachuanshiye will strive to build an excellent enterprise with investors' satisfaction, employees' pride and public trust through continuous business success, and we will make new contributions to the journey of promoting social progress and realizing national rejuvenation.

Dachuanshiye will play an exemplary role and lead business progress from the following four aspects:

Scrupulously abide by business ethics, maintain market rules, and lead the construction of a good business ecology;
Change the development mode, innovate the business model and provide successful samples for Chinese enterprises;
Fulfill social responsibilities, undertake the mission of central enterprises, and strive to repay the society with practical actions;
Contribute business wisdom, share best practices and provide an ideological source for social progress.

Dachuanshiye will work with customers, shareholders, employees, partners, society and environment to create a better life:

Work with customers to continuously exceed customers' expectations and create customer value by providing high-quality products and services;
Work with shareholders to improve the governance ability and performance level by governing the enterprise legally and realize the steady development of the enterprise;
Work with employees to help employees realize value and improve employees' happiness index through rights and interests protection and humanistic care;
Work with partners to create a good business environment and create a new situation of win-win cooperation by scrupulously abiding by business ethics;
Work with the society, participate in public welfare, carry forward mainstream values and promote social harmonious development by responding to the national call;
Work with the environment, strictly observe environmental laws and regulations, achieve energy conservation and emissions reduction, develop a circular economy, and build a green and ecological civilization.

Corporation Enterprise

Become a global enterprise trusted and loved by the public
Dachuanshiye should not only make the enterprise's products and services favored and loved by customers, the enterprise's performance reassures and satisfies shareholders, and the enterprise's cultural atmosphere makes employees happy and proud, but also actively fulfill their social responsibilities, be loved, recognized and appreciated by the public, and become the object of emulation by peers and even the enterprise community; Not only create outstanding value for shareholders and customers, but also create satisfactory value for society and environment.

Global Enterprise:

With the vision of global enterprises, Dachuanshiye is required to strive to join the big stage of international competition, allocate resources and expand the market from a global perspective, and win business success in a free and open economic system with maturity and self-confidence. Dachuanshiye's industries should strive to establish an industry leading position, have an international talent team, management level, operation efficiency, corporate culture and product brand, establish international competitiveness and realize global development.

Enterprise Vision:
Become a global enterprise trusted and loved by the public!
Dachuanshiye should not only make the products and services of enterprises favored and loved by customers, the performance of the enterprise makes shareholders rest assured and satisfied, the cultural atmosphere of the enterprise makes employees happy and proud, but also actively fulfill social responsibilities, loved, recognized and appreciated by the public, become the object of competition among peers and even the business community; Not only create outstanding value for shareholders and customers, but also create satisfactory value for society and environment.

Sense of Values

Honesty and trustworthiness, performance orientation, people-oriented, innovative development, honesty and trustworthiness are the core values of Dachuanshiye and the foundation of Dachuanshiye; Performance orientation is the support for the development and growth of Dachuanshiye; People oriented is the purpose of Dachuanshiye's value creation; Innovation and development are the driving force for Dachuanshiye to meet challenges.

Honesty and Trustworthiness:

Be loyal and patriotic, advocate fairness and justice, fear law and discipline, respect the system, and stick to the bottom line of law and morality.
Abide by business ethics and contract spirit, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of stakeholders, abide by commitments, and integrate knowledge and practice.
Advocate sincere and frank interpersonal communication, don't just listen to the orders of superiors, don't arbitrary, and build a simple and transparent management atmosphere.

Performance Orientation:

As a commercial organization, Dachuanshiye's performance is the lifeline of enterprise survival and development. We must adhere to competition with strength, pay for return and speak with performance in order to continuously create value for the society.
Dachuanshiye emphasizes the "uniformity" of performance. Performance is not only reflected in the business scale and development speed, but also reflected in the improvement of organizational ability, the innovation of management mode and the cultivation of excellent talents. It is a comprehensive, balanced and high-quality performance.
A business without growth is not a good business, and a team without performance is not a good team. Performance is an important standard for Dachuanshiye to select, employ, evaluate and motivate people.

People Oriented:

Respect people's value, develop people's potential, sublimate people's soul, care for and treat employees from life, emotion and growth, build a platform for employees to realize value, and share development achievements.
Comply with and meet the reasonable needs of human nature, advocate a positive, green and healthy lifestyle, and provide customers with high-quality products and services.
Be grateful, act humbly, emphasize balanced and sustainable development, pursue win-win cooperation and harmonious coexistence between man, nature and society.

Innovative Development:

New system, improve incentive mechanism, restraint mechanism and fault tolerance mechanism, create an open and inclusive atmosphere and continuously improve innovation ability.
Respond to the situation and take the initiative to change. Adhere to customer orientation, have the courage to subvert themselves, and constantly seek new breakthroughs in business model, technology, management, products and services.
Encourage innovative thinking, adhere to continuous learning, be good at learning from advanced models, experiences and methods, and realize innovation at the grass-roots level, innovation at the post, everyone innovation and all staff innovation.

Development Concept:

Be solid, strong, big, good and long (5M Principle)
To comply with the new economic normal, Dachuanshiye needs to actively change its development mode and achieve connotative growth.Therefore, Dachuanshiye requires units at all levels to strive to realize the development concept of "being practical, strong, big, good and long" through innovation driven, structural optimization, industrial upgrading, improving product and service quality, improving efficiency and other paths.

Being practical is the foundation for Dachuanshiye to settle down and become stronger is the foundation for growth. Whether it is practical, strong or big, the core factor should be based on efforts to meet the needs of stakeholders, constantly create value and improve efficiency and benefits. Doing a good job is related to customer recognition, social respect and image establishment, which is the external performance of strengthening. The fundamental purpose of "being solid, strong, big and good" is to achieve "growth". All work should take this as a guide to lay a solid foundation, establish a mechanism and create an environment for "growth" and ensure sustainable development.

Being Practical:
Being practical to the integrity of stakeholders and keep the bottom line of legal compliance; Being practical to the basic management and control system, implement the system culture, and realize the standardization, transparency and specialization of management decisions; Being practical to the business model and improve the quality and efficiency of development.

Being Strong:
It is superior to its peers in key technical and economic indicators, capital return level, operation efficiency, product competitiveness, brand influence and capital market position, and leads the progress of the industry. We should not only do well in the overall level of the business sector, but also make every project and company under the business sector reach the excellent level of the industry.

Being Big:
While becoming stronger, strive to reach the leading level of the industry in terms of business scale and market share, so as to have a significant impact on the industry.

Being Good:
With excellent team, excellent performance, first-class products and services, high level of health, safety and environmental protection, good social responsibility and reputation, it is deeply respected by the society and highly recognized by customers, shareholders and employees.

Being Long:
Establish core competitiveness, constantly consolidate market advantages and form a business model with long-term vitality. Finally, we should establish a good internal operation mechanism and external ecological environment to support the realization of the long-term goal of sustainable development.

Enterprise Spirit:

Pragmatic, professional, collaborative and dedication
Dachuanshiye has absorbed the pragmatic spirit from the mission of central enterprises; Draw the professional spirit from the market competition; From the team building, we draw the collaborative spirit; From the red gene, we draw the spirit of dedication. This is the spirit and behavior style that all cloud people should share.

Pragmatism is a work style, which reflects the cloud's attention to practical work, rationality and magnanimity. It requires us to:
Pay attention to the foundation, be down-to-earth, advocate practical work and strive for practical results.
Pay attention to practice, respect science, seek truth from facts, rational and objective.
Be open-minded, do things fairly, do what you say and be what you seem.

Professionalism is a work attitude, which reflects Dachuanshiye's attention to lean, efficiency and excellence. It requires us to:
Proficient in the job, competent for the post, rigorous and meticulous, keep improving.
Love work, wholeheartedly invest, high efficiency and quality, and lead innovation.
Action learning, continuous progress, self transcendence and pursuit of excellence.

Collaboration is an organizational capability, which reflects the focus of Dachuanshiye on team, inclusiveness and win-win. It requires us to:
Integrate into the team, be willing to share, trust each other, share weal and woe.
Be open and inclusive, respect differences, treat each other sincerely, and make a person beautiful.
Mutual appreciation, simplicity and transparency, cooperation and complementarity, and win-win cooperation.

Dedication is a spiritual realm, which reflects CR's attention to dedication, responsibility and passion. It requires us to:
Inherit the culture, keep the mission in mind, be loyal to their duties, love their posts and dedication.
Put the overall situation first, have the courage to take responsibility, put organization first, and do not seek personal interests.
Sunshine is upward, striving and enterprising, setting an example and always maintaining passion.

In addition to the above five cultural elements, we also use the following contents as slogans for Dachuanshiye culture publicity in internal and external publicity:

Keep the right path, create a new one, and go far
Stand like a mountain and walk like water
Join hands with you to change your life
Give you the right way and moisten China

The new Dachuanshiye cultural concept system is the thinking result of Dachuanshiye based on the growth history of the enterprise, actively responding to environmental changes and actively meeting future challenges; It is an important guideline for the group's units at all levels to carry out operation and management, improve rules and regulations, formulate code of conduct, fulfill social responsibilities and promote brand image; It is a programmatic document that all Dachuanshiye employees must fully understand, identify ideologically and abide by in behavior; It is the Spiritual Banner of unifying thinking, uniting consensus, stimulating fighting spirit and boosting morale in the whole group.

Looking forward to the future, we believe that as long as all Dachuanshiye people always have the solemn mission of "leading business progress and creating a better life", are determined to abide by the values of "honesty and trustworthiness, performance orientation, people-oriented and innovative development", and strictly follow the development concept of "being practical, strong, big, good and long", Vigorously carry forward the enterprise spirit of "pragmatism, professionalism, coordination and dedication", we will be able to achieve the grand vision of "a global enterprise trusted and loved by the public" as soon as possible, realize the Evergreen Foundation and build a century old enterprise.


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