After-sales Ability


Serve Concept

The market is the direction of the enterprise, quality is the life of the enterprise, the market is the sea, the enterprise is the ship, quality is the sail, and people are the helmsman; Customers are our God, and quality is God's demand.

Our strategy is to win by quality.

Market competition does not sympathize with the weak; Without innovation and breakthrough, it is only out. It is not easy to win a customer. It is very simple to lose a customer;

Improve the quality of after-sales service and customers' satisfaction; Complaints are handled quickly, and customers are satisfied and happy;

If you don't tighten the string of quality, you can't play the tune of the market. Manufacturing must rely on low cost, and competition depends on high quality;

We should do what customers think, and we should also do what customers don't think;

Pay attention to the contract, ensure quality: on time delivery, strictly abide by the promise;

The brand of Dachuanshiye's products is the symbol of quality.


Guarantee ability and plan of the after-sales service

The service system of Dachuanshiye company is based on the purpose of "producing products that can be trusted and satisfied by customers", as follows:

First, implement "whole process service" in the process of user service, and provide a series of services that satisfy users, such as non-standard design, installation and commissioning, technical consultation and training, regular visits and proper handling of customer complaints, from pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales.

Second, we have established a perfect three-level service support system to provide customers with strong, timely, thoughtful and effective services. That is, the technology department is responsible for non-standard design, etc; User Engineer --- responsible for training and technical exchange of operation and maintenance personnel; Installation attendant --- responsible for installation and commissioning, operation and maintenance, patrol inspection and on-site technical training.

Third, strong service technology and equipment, including charging and discharging motor and on-line internal resistance tester dedicated by Lishi, improve the reaction speed and problem-solving ability The company is equipped with tools and spare parts in the service center and representative offices abroad to solve quality complaints as quickly as possible.

Fourth, the company has established a perfect customer file management system to record the details of each customer's use of batteries and the details of our service testing, sort them out and classify them regularly, and report the necessary information to the relevant internal departments of our company in time. So that everyone can understand the use of the battery at the customer's site, and continuously improve the performance indicators and service level of our products on this basis.

Our company promises to place an order and prepare for production within 2 working days after signing the contract. The specific production plan, project schedule and measures are as follows:

1、The marketing department shall organize contract review according to the specific conditions of customer orders, and timely notify all relevant departments (including design department, production department, technology development department, procurement department, management department and after-sales service department) of the contract review results.

2、The production department shall make a production notice according to the scheme of the design department, prepare the Production Schedule and notify each production workshop.

3、The technology development department shall prepare the Operation Instructions and Production Drawings and distribute them to relevant personnel of the production department.

4、The production department shall calculate the consumption of materials according to the materials used for a single product, prepare the Procurement Plan in combination with the inventory of raw materials, and submit it to the procurement department to organize the procurement of raw materials.

5、The production workshop shall fill in the Receipt of product Materials according to the Production Operation Plan and the materials used for a single product, collect relevant materials from the raw material warehouse, and carry out in combination with the Operation Instruction and Production Drawings.

6、During the production process, the quality inspection department implements the first inspection, self inspection, household inspection and special inspection for the products.


Storage and packaging plan

1、After the production is completed, the quality control department shall inspect and accept the products. For the packaged and bulk finished products that pass the inspection, the packaging group shall issue a "finished product warehousing form" and go through the warehousing procedures.

2、The warehouse shall be equipped with appropriate storage environment for equipment (air conditioner, exhaust fan, fire fighting equipment, etc.) to maintain safety and suitability.

3、The company arranges packing and loading in advance according to the delivery time. To facilitate product transportation.

Service Purpose: To establish cooperation with quality,; Let customers use the product at ease; Serve the enterprise wholeheartedly, and win trust with integrity


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