Electronics Engineer
Work requirements:
1. College degree or above, major in electronic engineering or related;
2.3 to 4 years of experience in electric vehicles, battery management systems, battery protection boards, motor control design, etc.;
3. Familiar with analog phones and digital circuits, able to do simple design and circuit debugging;
4. Familiar with the mainstream lithium-ion protection schemes on the market, and can carry out application design;
5. With more than 2 years of experience in single-chip design and development of electronic products, bachelor degree or above in electronics related majors;
6. 1 to 3 years of experience in electric vehicles, battery management systems, battery protection boards, motor control design, etc. is preferred;
7. Familiar with analog electronics and digital circuits, able to independently design, manufacture and debug circuits, with strong hands-on ability;
8. Proficiency in using the current mainstream single-chip microcomputer/one of the single-chip microcomputers, familiar with C language and relevant programming experience;
9. Be able to debug BMS management system and PCB design (proficient in Protel/PADS and other software), and be able to use VB\VC other software for programming;
10. Bear hardships and stand hard work, be diligent and practical, and have a strong sense of responsibility; can adapt to business trips, have strong stability, obey arrangements, and give priority to business trips and strong stability.
Electrical Engineer
Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for product structure design according to the development process;
2. Responsible for the design and development of the electrical parts of the company's lithium battery modules and battery pack products, system testing, fault analysis, etc., including the selection of core components;
3. Responsible for the writing and compilation of relevant technical documents;
4. Communicate with customers about the high and low voltage interface, communication protocol and control strategy between the battery pack BMS and the vehicle;
5. Design battery pack high and low voltage electrical schematics, wiring harness diagrams, and software strategy documents according to customer needs;
6. On-site debugging of battery pack BMS and vehicle control system data communication, control strategy and protection mechanism;
7. Technical support and improvement in production testing;
8. Support after-sales service to solve difficult problems on site;
9. Other related work assigned by the department.
Work requirements:
1. College degree or above, including mechatronics, automation control, information engineering and other related majors;
2. Understand various types of lithium batteries and battery management technologies;
3. Proficient in CAD drawing software, electrical schematic analysis;
4. Familiar with electric vehicle system architecture, battery management system, battery protection board and other related battery protection electronic circuits;
5. Experience in lithium battery module and pack design and mass production experience is preferred;
6. Project engineer or project manager work experience is preferred;
7. Experience in BMS development or BMS related work is preferred;
8. Can adapt to business trips, strong stability;
9. Bear hardships and stand hard work, be diligent and practical, have a strong sense of responsibility, and obey arrangements.
Process Engineer
Your job responsibilities:
1. Cooperate with R&D personnel to introduce new materials and formulas into production, and formulate process documents such as SOP;
2. Continuously improve the production process, improve the production efficiency and process pass rate, and implement the effective implementation of the process;
3. Responsible for the formulation and optimization of a certain process process, planning and formulating the process development route;
Work requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in materials or electrochemistry;
2. More than 3 years of relevant work experience, at least proficient in the process technology of the front, middle and rear sections of the battery or a certain section of the pack section;
3. Familiar with the key points of process control, have experience in project improvement and experimental design;
4. Rich experience in process document writing and tooling design;
5. Familiar with tools and applications such as SPC\\PFMEA\\DOE, and understand TS16949 system;
6. Have strong independent analysis ability;
7. Work experience in first-line enterprises in the lithium battery industry;
sales representative
Your job responsibilities:
1. Carry out sales work according to the company and department sales tasks, and complete various sales indicators;
2. Analyze the existing market and customers to discover the potential needs of customers;
3. According to the characteristics of customer needs, provide customers with product solutions;
4. Responsible for business negotiation with customers;
5. Responsible for coordinating various internal and external resources;
6. Responsible for the monitoring and implementation of the project payment process;
Work requirements:
1. Comply with laws and regulations;
2. At least 18 years old;
3. Have good character;
4. Have the physical condition to perform the duties normally;
5. Have sales related knowledge;
6. Strong communication and presentation skills;
7. Responsible and patient.


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