Technology research and development

  • Dachuanshiye has always placed technology R & D in an important position of enterprise development, and achieved industry-leading R & D achievements through strict R & D organization, advanced R & D equipment and huge R & D investment.

  • Our strong R & D team brings together outstanding talents in the lithium battery industry at home and abroad, and is committed to providing customers with the best power supply design scheme. At present, more than 500 models of large, medium and small capacity series have been developed, and the monomer capacity ranges from 30mah to 15ah, including conventional performance products, low temperature, high temperature products and high rate discharge products. For different customer needs and different product application needs, we also continue to develop and design new At the same time, the performance of battery safety, energy density, temperature characteristics, discharge platform, impedance and cycle life has been continuously improved, and products with better performance combinations have been developed.

  • We have a professional and strong technical team, cooperate with the customer's design and development process, design and develop according to the customer's needs, and help customers quickly realize product solutions. Every time we develop a new model of product, it usually only takes 15 to 20 days from the proposal of the development requirement to the completion of the sample.

R & D team

Dachuanshiye has an engineering and technical team that has been engaged in lithium batteries for many years and has excellent hardware and software research and development capabilities, and always pays attention to the development and latest applications of lithium batteries. We maintain long-term and stable cooperative relations with TI, SII, RICOH, AXIM, MITSUMI, O2Micro, SANYO, Samsung, Panasonic, LG, SONY, MOLICEL and other world chip and cell manufacturers, and apply their latest technological achievements and concepts in the whole series of product development process.

Laboratory and Test Validation

Dachuanshiye Company is a comprehensive laboratory integrating materials research and development, testing and verification functions, and has a central laboratory, a battery simulation and simulation center, an advanced material synthesis laboratory, and a process control laboratory.
Dachuanshiye has introduced the most advanced R&D equipment in the world, including various R&D equipment and testing equipment, to break through technical bottlenecks from various ports. Adhering to the concept of high quality, the company conducts the following various reliability tests for all new models.
Cycle life test, high and low temperature discharge test, different rate discharge test, constant temperature and humidity test, self-discharge test at different temperatures, overcharge test, overdischarge test, short circuit test, thermal shock test, extrusion test, pressure test, 1.2 meters Free drop test, acupuncture and many other tests.


Advanced manufacturing

Dachuanshiye has introduced the latest international automatic manufacturing production line, and has a full traceability system, which can trace the source of raw materials, product batches and operating equipment process information of all products. The AUCOPO production line can fully take into account the adjustability under the high degree of automation, and can ensure excellent product quality while quickly responding to the massive orders of customers.


Dongguan Dachuanshiye Industry Co., Ltd.

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