Rechargeable lithium battery 14000mAh 14.8V electric fishing reel lithium battery


Model Number:DN-1700A


Anode Material:LCO

Application:BOATS, Electric Power Systems, Sea fishing fishery power system

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About Awe-Nature Power tools battery :
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Compatibility: Daiwa electric fishing reel batteries are typically designed to be compatible with Daiwa electric reels. They are engineered to work seamlessly with Daiwa’s reel models.

Capacity: The battery capacity can vary depending on the specific model. Daiwa offers batteries with different capacities to cater to various fishing needs. Higher capacity batteries allow for longer fishing sessions between charges.

Lithium-Ion Technology: These batteries are likely to use lithium-ion technology, known for its high energy density and relatively low self-discharge rate. Lithium-ion batteries provide a good balance between power output and weight, making them suitable for fishing applications.

Voltage: The voltage rating of the batteries is designed to match the power requirements of Daiwa’s electric reels. This ensures optimal performance and compatibility.

Charging: Daiwa electric fishing reel batteries are typically rechargeable. They can be charged using a compatible charger provided by Daiwa or recommended by the manufacturer. Charging time and frequency can vary based on the battery’s capacity and usage.

Durability: These batteries are designed to withstand the outdoor and often wet conditions encountered during fishing trips. They may come with protective casings or coatings to enhance durability and water resistance.

Battery Life Indicator: Some Daiwa batteries may have built-in indicators that show the remaining battery life. This feature helps anglers monitor the battery level and plan their fishing time accordingly.

Safety Features: Quality batteries often come with safety features to prevent overcharging, overheating, and short-circuiting. These features help ensure the safety of both the user and the equipment.

Availability: Daiwa electric fishing reel batteries can usually be purchased through Daiwa’s official website, authorized dealers, and fishing tackle stores.


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