Gold Detector with 33CM Large Double-D Waterproof Search Coil


Batteries required:Yes
Power source:Battery Powered
Battery life:30 Hours
Extended length:33 Centimetres
Adjustable length:Yes
International protection rating:IP65
Display type:LCD



Professional Metal Detector with 33CM Large Double-D Waterproof Search Coil, High Sensitivity & Precise Positioning Function, Gold Detector with Backlight LCD Display

About this item

  • 33CM WATERPROOF DD COIL – In general, the electromagnetic pulses from larger coils can penetrate more deeply than those from smaller coils. And larger coils also help you cover ground more quickly since every sweep of the detector goes over a larger area. The coil is a “double D”. Double D coils produce a wide electromagnetic field, again permitting more ground to be covered in a given amount of time. That can allow more precise pinpointing of the location of a find.
  • 3 PROFESSIONAL SEARCH WAYS – ① ALL METALS – Notifies you whenever it sees any metal, and helps you search for all kinds of metal objects. ② DISC – If you don’t want to waste time with a low value metal, such as iron, then you can use the DISC to eliminate iron, the detector will not make a sound when the iron is detected. ③ PINPOINT – This metal finder enables you pinpoint the target to save your time. The closer you get to the target, the louder the detector will sound.
  • INTUITIVE LCD BACKLIGHT CONTROL DISPLAY – One of the most important parts of a gold detector professional is its display LCD screen. It’s where the metal detector shows you the frequency of an object that’s been detected—a clue as to what type of metal it’s made of. And it’s where you get a readout of the target’s approximate depth, and can adjust the detector’s sensitivity. This metal detector professional has a large LCD screen that’s easy to read even in bright sun.
  • PINPOINT & HEADPHONE – The metal detector with pinpoint will help locate the target metal quickly. You only need to press the P/P button once, it will keep pinpointing (Others need to keep pushing the P/P button). Our metal detector can be used with headphones, which make it easier to hear the beeps and whines that indicate a discovery—especially at the beach, where the noise of the waves can drown out quiet signals. Many dedicated hobbyists prefer wired headsets for their reliability.

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