18V LXT® Lithium-Ion 6.0 Ah Battery with Charge Indicator

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Model: BL1860

Battery Volt: 18V

Battery Capacity: 6 Ah

Battery Chemistry: Li-Ion

SKU: A73-W17-E08 Category:


The Makita 18 Volt 6 Amp-hour Lithium-Ion battery is compatible to use with Makita 18 Volt Lithium-Ion tools with Star Symbol. Built-in LED indicates the charging status of the battery. Battery charges fully in just 45 minutes thus ensuring a longer runtime. Smart charging mechanism resists self-discharging when stored for long periods of time. Optimum charger monitors the current, temperature and voltage by communicating regularly with the battery. Advanced charging mechanism delivers an optimum charging time and maximizes the battery life. Integrated fan in the charger prevents over-heating even in hot and humid conditions. The Star Protection Computer Controls™ technology safeguards the battery from any over-heating, over-discharging and over-loading dangers. Shock-absorbing inner liner and the sturdy outer case protect the battery from high impacts. The 16 terminals provided in the battery prevent power loss or fluctuation even in high-vibration applications.
Integrated L.E.D. battery charge level indicator allows user to monitor battery charge
Provides up to 65% more run time per charge compared to BL1830
Reaches full charge in 45 minutes or less
Compatible only with STAR Protection tools, indicated by the Star symbol™ and/or yellow battery receiver under the tool

3 reviews for 18V LXT® Lithium-Ion 6.0 Ah Battery with Charge Indicator

  1. Damian Orzel

    I should have known the price for a battery advertised as this good wasn’t likely to meet the expectations. Well, it certainly did not. Unlike my OEM batteries which still working well, this one is not. It only charges to 50% capacity and won’t got an Amp more. Conclusion? Spend the money and buy the OEM battery!

  2. Umar hussain

    This is a good replacement battery, it is priced well and works great, just like the product description, worth the purchase, feel very nice. It was a great shopping experience.

  3. Tevfik Kutlu

    The battery in this house is really great, the working performance is very good, as good as the product description, this is a great shopping experience.

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