M18 Battery Rapid Charger for Milwaukee 14.4V-18V


Model Number:M18

Gross Weight:550g

Packaging Size:175*150*75mm

Use:cordless tool battery charger

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Compatible Original Battery Model: for 14.4-18V Milwaukee M18 M14 XC Cordless Lithium Battery
for 14.4-Volt Milwaukee Lithium Battery M14
for 18-Volt Milwaukee M18 Lithium Battery 48-11-1811, 48-11-1815, 48-11-1820, 48-11-1822, 48-11-1828, 48-11-1840, 48-11-1841, 48-11-1850, 48-11-1852, 48-59-181, 48-59-1850, 4932352071, 4932430063, C18B, Li18, M18, M18B, M18B2, M18B4, M18BX
Compatible Charger Model: for Milwaukee Charger M18, 48-59-1808
Advantages of our charger:
√ Advanced charging technology, improved PCBA Board and universal 110V to 240V voltage input
√ Fast charger: 4.0Ah batteries in 1 hour or less, 5.0Ah batteries in 2 hours, 9.0Ah battery in 3-4 hours.
√ Multifunctional charger: for 14.4V-18V Milwaukee M14 M18 Lithium Battery
√ Diagnostics with LED indicator communicates battery charge status: charged, charging, replace pack, and battery too hot or too cold.
√ Durable and cooling system has the function of stable heat dissipation.
Protections in charger:
√ No charger to a defective battery Auto Cut off when Short-circuit.
√ Stop when charger faulty detected.
√ Stop charging when charging over and stop charging when overheat.


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