21.6V 3.0Ah Battery Compatible Dysons V6


Model Number:For Dysons V6



Product size:128*76*93mm

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Unplug the charging cable and switch off the Dyson vacuum cleaner
Disconnect the battery from the vacuum cleaner
Snap-in battery: press the red button to disconnect the battery
Screwable battery: on the back of the battery you will discover a screw and two small screws on the bottom of the battery. Unscrew these three screws.*
Insert the new battery into the vacuum cleaner (click or screw it back on)
Fully charge the battery before using the Dyson vacuum cleaner again
* The location of the screws is different on the Dyson V6. There are two screws on the back of the battery and one on the front. It is necessary to first remove the dust container from the vacuum cleaner.
I hope my guide has helped you. If you get stuck or have additional questions, send me a message. I would like to help you.


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