Makita genuine 18V battery BL1860B [6.0Ah] and BL1850 [5.0Ah] comparison

Makita's 18V battery adds to the new lineup.

The 5.0Ah [BL1850] is by far the largest large capacity battery, but the 6.0Ah [BL1860B] version is now available!

The price is quite high, but I bought the 6.0Ah [BL1860B] right away, so compare it with the 5.0Ah to see what is the difference other than the capacity.


 They are exactly the same size! In the past, genuine Makita batteries have grown in size with increasing capacity, but this time, even with an increase of 1000mAh, the size remains the same.

The release button is the same.

The sticker on the back says 90wh for 5.0Ah and 108wh for 6.0Ah. Also, 5.0Ah is made in Vietnam, and 6.0Ah is made in Japan! * Cell only. Even if the cell is made in Japan, you can trust it enough!

And the front side of the battery has a new function that has never existed before!

With battery level display function

In the past, genuine Makita batteries did not have a function to display the remaining battery power on its own, but the latest BL1860B [6.0Ah] battery has an indicator that allows you to know the remaining battery power independently.

Thank you for models that do not have a battery level display

 Makita's impact drivers have a function that allows you to check the remaining battery level from the beginning, but you can check it only when it is attached to the main unit.

You can check it like this. However, the BL1860B [6.0Ah] is convenient because you can check the remaining battery level even with a single battery!

For example, vacuum cleaners like this don't have a battery level indicator on the body, just a red warning light that comes on when the battery is about to run out.

In that case, it is inconvenient, such as suddenly running out of battery while using

This new battery BL1860B [6.0Ah] solves that problem. However, this place is hard to see (laughs) It can't be helped because it's not made for vacuum cleaners!

weight comparison

Let's compare the weight. First of all, BL1850 [5.0Ah] about 615g

Next, BL1860B [6.0Ah] about 661g. It is about 46g heavier than the BL1850 [5.0Ah].

It can't be helped because the capacity has increased, but if you are a heavy user for work use, this 46g weight may gradually become a burden on your body.

The BL1860B [6.0Ah] with large capacity and new functions has such an increase in weight, so I would like to take this into consideration when purchasing.

myself use it mostly at home, so the increase in weight doesn't really matter.

Large capacity with a remaining battery. Overall, BL1860B [6.0Ah] is a good product to buy! ! !

However, it is expensive (laughs).

It feels just like the original printer ink. It seems that the battery is more expensive than the main body...