150W inverter for Milwaukee 18V batteries USB-Charger 230VAC-Output


150W inverter for Milwaukee 18V batteries USB-Charger 230VAC-Output 


1. This Milwaukee battery inverter is a lithium battery inverter, which can convert direct current into alternating current with stable output.

2. Applicable scenarios are camping and outings for outdoor work.

3. The most difficult thing in outdoor camping outings is to charge the small household appliances that you bring. This product solves the biggest problem of camping outings. Outdoor charging

4. Dual USB can charge your two mobile phones at the same time: the inverter socket design can charge your notebook, razor, lights, small fans, etc.


*The main switch is the white button, which will light up green when pressed, and the red button is the light switch.

*White turns green with dual USB, the inverter socket can be used,

*The maximum power is 150W, depending on the ambient temperature, and the battery has an impact. If the temperature is too high, the output voltage and current will be reduced, and there is no standby sleep state.


Power Rating:150 W


Dual USB:5V/2.4A output

LED light: 200 lumens

Power Source:For Milwaukee Battery(not include)

Inverter socket:150W  230V/AC(EU Plug)

Battery Type:Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)

Voltage:230 VAC

Features:Low Battery Shutdown,On Indicator Light,Overload Protection,Shor

Connectors:1 x 230 V

Type:Inverter, Portable 

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